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‘We don’t just teach languages. We open the door to life enhancing cultural experiences and real personal connections.’

Our Story

A revolutionary new way to learn languages

Lingopont is a new publishing company and language school formed to create the world’s first truly integrated course.

What makes Lingopont unique is the way it links an app, sitcom series, textbooks, schools and cultural experiences.

Wherever you are in the world you can learn in your own way at your own pace and be part of a global community of students and teachers.

Our new Italian course, Tutto bene! by Lingopont was developed from scratch over two years and will be followed by other languages.

It’s not just a new course but a new way to learn – fun, addictive and highly entertaining.

An idea takes flight

Lingopont was created by Elio Guarnuccio who founded CIS Educational and Centre for Italian Studies 40 years ago, as a publishing company and language school. Today the school is one of the largest Italian schools outside of Italy.

Elio’s love of teaching, innovation and IT all came together with the evolving worlds of digital technology, film-making and publishing to create Lingopont – a truly unique language learning experience.

The team at Lingopont combine experience with young, enthusiastic and highly qualified people from around the world – whether they be teachers, writers, designers, film-makers, communicators or IT wizards.

Lingopont is also an international community of students and teachers. It will go beyond language teaching to open doors to new worlds of authentic travel experiences and cultural exploration – from cooking lessons online to a directory of language classes and festivals in Italy.

elio guarnuccio

Elio Guarnuccio


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Stefano Pizzolato

CTO, media producer

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Creative director

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